Staff | Kitesurf Cape Verde by Elvis Nunes
Rua Amilcar Cabral 37880-000 Santa Maria, Isla do Sal Cabo Verde
Tel: 00238 9974947

Staff | Kitesurf Cape Verde by Elvis Nunes


Elvis Nunes

Pro Rider & Owner of the School – IKO level 3 Instructor – Assistant Instructor Trainer – Head Instructor

From an early age he had a passion for water sports, Windsurfing age of 12.

After he tried the kite at 16 and reached a high level especially in freestyle.

Sponsored by Peterlynn, Woodboard & Underwave.

Erica Santambrogio

Public Relation

Elvis's partner, she deals with 100Piedi marketing and public relations.

Nadir Zanni

Assistant Instructor

He spent three months on holiday in Cape Verde in 2014, kiting every morning at 6am to train by himself and improve his level.

We wanted him to be part of our team, a great surfer, cute, cheerful and always smiling!

Anna Hannes

Assistant Instructor

After her first kite session on Elvis' back six years ago, Anna couldn't resist to start kitesurfing herself. Now you can hear her 'wohoo' from far away, since she can't stop cheering while jumping or watching her students to improve their skills.

Richard Naipal


Richard is a passionate guy with a lot of energy who is always making you laugh. You can recognize him as the guy with the big smile on the water who never comes out again.

Iduino Abilio I. Sanca


The last purchase of the winter season 2018, Instructor and not only , always smiling and super attentive to your needs.