Equipment | Kitesurf Cape Verde by Elvis Nunes
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Equipment | Kitesurf Cape Verde by Elvis Nunes


PLKB Sails

Elvis is a Peterlynn team rider since 2013 and we are the only official school distributor of PLKB brand on the island of Sal, 100 Feet offers the latest Escape and Swell kites every year. A few words about Peter Lynn: New Zealand engineer and inventor, he founded the first Kite brand in 1971, an innovator, the grandfather of power foils.

Boards Nirvana by Kiteloose

Nirvana by Kiteloose - Sponsor acquired in May 2016, the shaper and founder of the Italian brand Max Galtarossa realizes all his tables by hand.

Woodboard Boards

Elvis is a Woodboard Rider and Ambassador since 2014. Engineer and owner Manfred has been producing snowboard boards since 1980; since 2011 is dedicated exclusively to kitesurfing, the tables are made, designed and tested by kiters for kiters. At 100 feet kite school you can find all models and sizes from 133 to 142, in carbon, split or big air. We are the Only distributor in Sal.

MYSTIC Equipment

Harness, helmets, impact, lifejacket and wetsuits. All sizes from 9 years upwards, from XS to XXL.

The Only distributor in Sal.