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Kitesurf Cape Verde Courses | Elvis Nunes

Courses and price list

Kite Surf Courses


The prices are indicated per person. What the price includes: full equipment, insurance, transfer to/from the spot (Kite Beach or Riu spot), radio helmet, IKO Vcard (with a 6hrs package).

Prepaid To save money!Pay less now, choose the best deal for you , book your package and enjoy your session With 100 Feet! No cancellation. NO refund. **PAY NOW!!**
Private LessonPrice 2021Pay now!-
Discovery - (2hrs)120 €100 €Savings 20 €
Beginner 6 - (6hrs)360 €300 €Savings 60 €
Beginner 8 - (8hrs)460 €385 €Savings 75 €
Intensive - (10hrs)550 €440 €Savings 110 €
1 extra hrs60 €50 €Savings 10 €
GroupPrice 2021Pay now!-
Discovery - (3hrs)95 €80 €Savings 15 €
Beginner 6 - (6hrs)210 €175 €Savings 35 €
Beginner 8 - (8hrs)270 €225 €Savings 45 €
Intensive - (10hrs)310 €260 €Savings 50 €
1 extra hrs35 €30 €Savings 5 €
AdvancedPrice 2021Pay now!-
Pro Freeestyle - (1hrs)90 €75 €Savings 15 €
Pro Wave - (1hrs)110 €90 €Savings 20 €
KitecampPrice 2021Pay now!-
Kitecamp - Pro Riders - 8 days / 7 nights accommodation in double room with full board750 €650 €Savings 100 €
StoragePrice 2021Pay now!-
Storage 1day15 €12 €Savings 3 €
Storage 2days30 €25 €Savings 5 €
Storage 3days40 €34 €Savings 6 €
Storage 1week80 €67 €Savings 13 €
Storage 2weeks150 €125 €Savings 25 €

Courses details

Iko card

IKO Feedback - With a minimum of six hours we will issue for you internationally recognized IKO card, required in many centers in Europe and rest of the world for the equipment rental or advanced courses. This is how you'll enter the IKO world and be registerd as a kiter! Our instructors are all certified and qualified by International Kiteboardin Organisation and you can find all of them in

Introduction to kitesurf. Duration: 3 hours.

For those who are wishing to experience the joy of handling a kite during those three hours will have a first first theoretical part of the security rules, operation of the kite, trainer kite flying and understanding how the wind works. With secound hour we prepare and launch a normal size kite and improve kite handling on the beach. At the end of the introduction of the three hours student goes in to the water with instructor to experiance his first bodydrag together.

Beginner course duration of 6 hours

This is the basic package to get IKO certificate and be recognized as a kiter worldwide in all IKO centers (International Kiteboarding Organization). Most beginners at the end of six hours is able to go alone in to the water, put the board on and ride the first meters.

Introduction Course: 8 hours

Like the previous package but with more time spend on the water that help you to improve to greater control and distances 40/50 meters of more.

Start Course: 10 hour

Complete course for beginners. Most students who buy a 10 hour package can ride both ways and get back to the starting position. For all packages above the price specified peice per person ia in groups of 2 or 3 students per instructor.

Private / Advanced / Freeestyle

For those who are already experienced in kitesurfing or want improve their skills faster. You will learn new tricks and jumps. You learn tricks and jumps. It's for those who want to make fastest and biggest progress!

Advanced course

Courses for experienced kiters. Package available for 6 hours or 8 hours.

Wave lesson

You need at least two hours to try and experiance amazing emotion when surfing waves of Cape Verde.


For all the packages above the price is to be indicated per person; the group course includes 2 or 3 students per instructor with equipment sharing for the first hours of lesson.