Kitesurf equipment rental | Cape Verde by Elvis Nunes
Rua Amilcar Cabral 37880-000 Santa Maria, Isla do Sal Cabo Verde
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Kitesurf equipment rental | Cape Verde by Elvis Nunes


Kite Surf rental equipment

The rental will be provide only for experienced riders; it will not be possible to rent gear to those who are still learning. That is why the first hour of the rental you will be supervised by our instructor to check your level. For the rental prepayment is required, optional insurance and a document. In case of material damage with insurance included, no payment of damages will be required. In case of damage without insurance at the beginning of rental - you will be asked the payment of the total damage.

Not included in the rental: insurance, transfers.


1 DAY40€30€38€55€60€16.5€
2 DAYS70€60€70€99€100€25€
3 DAYS105€75€96€148€150€35€
1 WEEK190€150€176€231€245€95€
2 WEEKS330€250€270€440€440€99€
1 DAY10€39€6€20€ (x1)
2 DAYS20€-12€40€ (x2)
3 DAYS25€-18€-
1 WEEK55€95€35€-
2 WEEKS100€190€70€-

Cash payment in advance + Passport

The rental does not include: insurance, transfers. Possibility to book transfer forward / back to Kite Beach at 6€ p.p.